please baby白丝小舞被啪到娇喘不停

please baby白丝小舞被啪到娇喘不停

Pt 2Chapter V:The Penthouse Anna kissed Brad passionately as her hand caressed and fondled his dick until she was pulling at his stiff cock as he hunched slowly.His breathing became labored as her tongue invaded his mouth and found his.Anna may be older he thought but she certainly knew how to please a man and make him crave her sex.Their tongues danced as both her hands stroked him gently, squeezing his dick until his glans felt straining, his balls swelling.Breaking their kiss Anna said, “Let’s take a swim with Al baby”, and turned and slowly walked away while continuing to pull his cock.Brad walked alongside her as he thought, my god she gets me this turned on and now she wants to go swimming?When they entered the pool area the moist heat seemed to envelope their bodies imparting the knowledge that the huge pool was heated. She let go of his dick and proceeded to run and dive into the pool in a graceful arc that had Brad admiring her body as she sliced through the water with hardly a ripple as she glided down and then back up to the surface. Brad was amazed that there was a pool this size in a penthouse apartment and could only imagine its cost.He was snapped back to reality by Anna’s query of, ”Well hard dick are you going to leave me here alone with Al or do you want some more of this old pussy”, she asked grinning?Al laughed and said, “Get in here son that wife of yours wore my old ass out and I might have a heart attack if I have to try and sate this old nympho alone”.Brad dove in and surfaced beside Anna as she was treading water effortlessly.She immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself to him and wrapped her thighs around his body and kissed him as they sunk beneath the surface.She hunched her pussy along his hard cock a few seconds as they kissed before breaking free and surfacing laughing.Brad surfaced and shook his head and laughed as he remarked, “Now I know where the saying, pussy good enough to die for comes from Anna”. She grinned and swam to the side of the pool as Brad again marveled at the ease with which she moved through the water.Grabbing the edge of the pool she lifted herself from the water and lay back with her feet on the drain around the pool her ass right at the edge.Her pussy was right at the level of Brad’s face as he stood at the edge where she lay.Brad was drawn to begin licking at her moist pussy, drying the smooth flesh with his tongue as she moaned and writhed as his tongue tormented the skin near her clit.He could taste the chlorine in the water as he sucked it from her pussy.Brad could not believe he found this older woman so desirable but her body was younger than her years, her skin soft and pliable.Anna’s pussy was as soft and delectable as a woman forty years her junior.Her feet pressed down on the drain lifting her pussy as it rolled around his embedded tongue.He was driven to please her as he licked and sucked at her furiously.Brad loved her moans and cries and the way her body tensed as he tormented her ravenously.His own arousement gripped and drove him.When Al placed his hand on Brad’s hip it didn’t faze him in the least. Even when he placed his thin dick head at Brad’s ass hole he convinced himself it was an accidental touch.But when he felt Al’s glans embed itself in his asshole he couldn’t ignore it.His head jerked up and he squeezed his ass muscle tightly around Al’s cock as Al said, don’t stop son, I’m just gonna get a little enjoyment from you as you eat my wife’s pussy, that’s a fair trade isn’t it.Brad was so aroused that when Al reached around him and grasped his hard dick and began stroking it in rhythm to his stroking cock as he fucked his asshole he just moaned and began hunching back into Al’s thrusts.He knew he should feel anger, hurt, gay, something to dispel what he actually felt which was pleasure as Al fucked his long dick into his ass in a steady rhythm while jacking him off.Brad felt his arousement heightening as he tried to tongue fuck Anna’s pussy.Al was fucking him deeper and deeper as he took longer and longer strokes across his sensitive virgin ass muscle.He loved it, he hated the fact that he loved it, but soon he was holding the edge of the pool pressing back into Al’s fucking as he moaned, Anna forgotten, as the older man made him love his actions.“That’s it son, just let it go, don’t hold back, fuck this old dick with your asshole, make me cum son.You want to feel my sperm in your ass don’t you Brad”, he taunted knowing Brad was lost to the new sensations gripping his body.Anna raised her head to see why Brad had ceased sucking her clit and saw his plight.“You old bastard you could have let him finish with my pussy before you indulged in breaking him in”, she said acting annoyed as she slid into the water and took Brads dick from Al’s hand and as she bent at the waist while reaching back, placed him at her pussy and began pressing him into her.Brad felt his dick being engulfed in Anna’s tight warm pussy and his dick throbbed with his excitement.At first the water washed away the lubricating cum and natural juices that would aid his entry but as his glans drove deeper inside her his cock was again lubed by her excitement and her hips agitatedly roughly around his hardness. She pressed against the drain as she held her pussy to Brad’s cock as her husband began fucking Brad forcefully, grunting with each hard thrust.Anna told Al, “Fuck him hard baby, drive his dick into my cunt deep.He’s swelling in my pussy babe, I think he’s about to….oh god…hard…goddamn it Al fuck him hard….I.I.I’m oh shit I’m cum..cumming…..oh fuck his dick’s so hard”, she cried loudly. She was right, Brad was about to cum.His emotions ran rampant as he realized a man fucking his asshole was making him cum but that thought just intensified the craving of what he knew he needed.“Fuck me Al, give it to me, oh god cum in my ass,oh god doit…please doit”, as his dick swelled until every stroke in Anna’s pussy brought him closer to filling her with his cum.“Fuck my as Al, cum in me, please cum in me….I..I….oh fuck…..HARD AL……oh shit yes……c.c.cum..cumming……Ohhhgod..yes”, he cried as he grabbed Anna’s hips while his asshole sent racing thrills that forced him to begin fucking her deep and hard as Al held his dick still allowing Brad to fuck them both with his movements.His dick was spewing hotly in Anna as she reached back pulling him into her as her own intense orgasm gripped her.Brad’s cries excited her while knowing her husband’s fucking of his asshole had him cumming.She felt herself pushed against the side of the pool as she heard Brad cry out,”YES!...YES!....oh god I feel it Al, doit….oh fuck Anna he’s cumming in my asshole…aarrgghhhHHHH”. Al was grunting loudly as he thrust hard into Brad’s ass pushing him into his wife’s pussy forcefully as he drained his balls in Brads colon.Brad felt Al’s dick becoming slimy as his cum coated his dick and he continued fucking his asshole rapidly.It felt nasty, so nasty Brad’s mind descended into a decadent cesspool that had him fucking back into Al’s slimy dick hard begging him, “Don’t stop, oh god that feels good, fuck me Al….ohhhhhhhhh………unghungh…….cummin……..oh shitttttt……ungh….ungh……god I can’t stop…..fuck it Al….gimme that skinny dick up my ass…..aaiieeeeEEEEEEE………..aiiieeeee……ungh…ungh..ahhhhhhhhh”.Al had his arms around Brads waist, his hands holding Anna’s hips as he fucked the entire length of his 10 inch cock up Brads asshole driving his cum deep up in his bowels as he forced Brads cock deep inside his wife’s body.Then they all three stood there with Al holding them together as their bodies sporadically shook, jerked with each thrill that arose from any of them.Al was the first to speak as he withdrew his flagging cock from deep inside Brad’s asshole saying, “You got a tight ass there son.I been needing to fuck you ever since I saw your ass moving while you fucked my Anna in the elevator, nice tight ass.You seemed to enjoy this ole dick, this your first time?I kinda figured you had a nice virgin ass.”“Yes it is my first time Al and I’m amazed at how good a dick in my ass felt.I’m amazed about every five minutes with the two of you.You’re quite a pair.I’m beginning to believe I don’t know much about myself or Ashley when it comes to what we enjoy sexually.”“We’re all animals sexually Brad, we just don’t like to admit to ourselves.Society has conditioned us to deny ourselves hedonistic enjoyment of sex.We try to surround ourselves with people that can let that conditioning go and join us in realizing the full potential of our enjoying our bodies and the taboo mental aspects of all kinds of sexual acts.You and Ashley appear to be that kind of people.We will know for sure before you leave.I feel sure, based on your acceptance of Al fucking your ass and both of you enjoying Ashley’s craving enjoyment of black cock fucking that you will be frequent visitors to our penthouse home.”, Anna stated with a smile on her face.Actually I felt reasonably sure in the elevator after seeing both your open-mindedness and spontaneous reaction to sexual situations.It seemed you both were quite willing to experience new things at the spur of the moment and we like that.That’s living life not just existing in it. Turn the monitor on Al and lets see what Ashley and the men are up to.Ashley was relaxing in the hot tub with two pairs of black hands gliding over her body as they massaged and teased her until she felt in heaven.She had never been pampered and caressed like this before.She was expected to do nothing except enjoy her black men’s caresses and massaging hands.Suddenly a large screen rolled down and she saw Anna, Brad and Al in a large swimming pool.Her breathing quickened slightly as she watched her husband mouthing their host’s pussy at the edge of the pool.She began filling with a need to touch herself as Anna responded to Brads deep tonguing of her pussy.As if her mind was read she felt a finger touch her clit and begin softly rolling it under its tip.What is Al doing she wonders as it appears he’s trying to get a closer look over Brad’s shoulder at his wife’s debasing.She sees Brads head jerk up and back and then lower and hang motionless.She then noticed Al’s hands on her husband’s hips and her jaw dropped open and her clit began screaming as she realized Al was fucking her husband in his ass.Her chest was heaving now and the hand at her clit was pressuring her harder, her body jerked and trembled as her arousement built to a fever pitch as she watched Brad pressing his ass back into Al’s skinny long cock like he loved it.Marcus picked up a remote of sorts and pressed a button and she heard her husband begging Al to fuck his asshole harder, deeper.She felt herself blushing knowing these stud black men were seeing everything transpiring.She wondered if she could ever think of her husbands as a man as her two black lovers grinned and joked about how much Brad loved his first ass fucking. Could she ever respect him after hearing him begging for another man’s cum to be fucked deep up his asshole?She saw Marcus and Herman’s dicks stiffening as she thought, these are manly men.Black cocks are what every woman should have fucking her.These men ooze manliness from every pore of their bodies she thinks.This is the kind of man she always thought her husband was, but now……..?She had to admit though that she was wet watching Al fuck Brad while Brad was inside Anna’s pussy.She found herself wishing she was there to see it up close and personal.She knew she couldn’t wait much longer before asking these two black studs to fuck her again as she remembered the feel of them both fucking her pussy at the same time.Her chest was heaving when Herman asked if watching men fuck turned her on, if she enjoyed what she was watching.She blushed as she admitted that yes it turned her on a lot.Herman smiled at Marcus and Marcus rose and knelt on the towel.Herman positioned himself behind his upraised ass and began pressing his huge dick up Marcus’s ass less than a foot from Ashley’s face as he says, “Anything you find pleasure in just ask and you can experience it here beautiful lady.Hearing Marcus’s moans as Herman began fucking him had her flooding her pussy with her wet need.She felt compelled to move to them and began stroking Marcus’s huge cock as it jerked beneath him.Brad was lost to her as she felt the meaty heaviness of his dick in her hand.Her head bent and she placed her lips on his glans and began adoring his black dick with her mouth.It only took a few minutes of sucking such a manly cock to build a hunger of epic proportions in her pussy.She lifted her head and whispered in Marcus ear, “I need you in me now”.He lifted his body and told her to, “Lay here beneath me”.Once she was laying beneath him he lowered himself until his dick was pressing inside her as she moaned at the full feeling his dick presented her as he lay down fully upon her body holding his cock still as Herman pounded it deeper and deeper into her undulating pussy as he fucked Marcus up his black ass.Marcus was lying flush upon her body as he was fucked deeply.Each hard thrust of Herman’s dick embedded Marcus’ cock deeper inside Ashley until her head was flailing side to side with the insanity his dick placed in her mind as his black cock desecrated her husband’s white pussy.Her feet were planted firmly on the floor as she held her pussy up to the punishing stiffness impaling her, stretching her painfully.She loved it, loved knowing that even these manly men took it up their asses which in some crazy way allowed her to still respect her husband.She felt the dick stretching her deeply stiffen and swell each time Herman’s ramrod like cock forced deep inside Marcus’ asshole and knew he was enjoying the feel of being assfucked.Ashley’s mind was succumbing to this new experience and she was lost to the knowledge and emotions of having a black cock providing such intense pleasure to her married white cunt. She couldn’t help but think of Johnny’s huge dick and her need to feel him hurting her with it. Her hands reach up and grab Marcus by his ass cheeks and pull them apart, spreading them as she implores Herman to “Fuck his ass harder baby, drive that black cock into him all the way and make him hurt my pussy.Doit Herman, rip it open, give it to me like my husband is watching you….make Marcus hurt me….please…fuck him hard”, as her thoughts were of Johnny stroking his cock in her panties.The same hunger she felt then was filling her now as she ground up into Marcus’ huge dick.Her mind slipped into a place of desperate need as she watched the screen and saw the three of them cumming together. She had never in her life been so desperate to have a dick cum in her pussy as she was at this instant.She now understood what Gloria meant when she said she loved what happened to her and how she was jealous of her if they were picked.Like her, Gloria had been relatively inexperienced sexually before she was awakened here in the penthouse.Ashley loves what she is undergoing in their initiation to Anna and Al’s world.She glanced at the monitor, her head flailing as she began tensing to the intense pain of Marcus’ African cock stretching her unmercifully.Seeing Brad and their hosts watching her intently, knowing her husband was seeing her so out of control and unable to prevent her plight instilled an excitement that had her orgasm deepening.Spasms coursed in voltage like waves through every cell of her body, waves that had no beginning and no end as she gripped his hips tightly. The pain of his penetrating thrusts instilled one long never ending parade of thrills that had her pleading, screaming, unable to still her body as she hunched uncontrollably into the Blackness provoking the madness she felt.Anna’s manservant Jonathan had stood nearby watching everything transpiring until Anna spoke to him through the monitor saying, “Bring the staff to the pool area Jonathan, and have them ready”.“Yes maam”, he replied as he turned and walked away.Brad was mesmerized by the way his wife’s body moved as she fucked Marcus.Her hips undulated wildly, hunching, rolling, pressing up into his dick until her face was etched with the pain of her deep impalement.Her face also expressed the intense pleasure she felt, a pleasure he knew he could never gift her with his smaller white dick.She was in a heaven of her black lover’s making.He could not understand his own arousement but he knew seeing her used, fucked by black men had him straining the skin of his glans as her screams and passion filled moans permeated his body and had him grasping his hard cock.Shortly, Jonathan entered and turned and watched as 12 nude black men entered behind him.Brad couldn’t help but notice their normally stiff cocks were limp and flaccid as they filed in.Anna turned to brad and smiled and said, “I know how much you enjoy watching your wife being abused by Black cock honey, so you are free to ask as many of the staff as you wish to join her.You already know how that is accomplished.”Brad watched their dicks and blushed at the realization that he was beginning to enjoy this ritual of asking men to fuck his wife.He couldn’t help stiffening at the thought of sucking their cocks hard for his beautiful wife’s enjoyment. He wasn’t sure if it was because of his own enjoyment of sucking their dicks or his desire for Ashley to be gang raped by all the black men there, but he wound up asking them to a man to fuck his seemingly insatiable wife.Brad found he didn’t enjoy sucking a soft dick near as much as a hard throbbing one but his mind was still fogged by the time he had the last man ramming hard into his throat with his stiffly sucked cock. Al laughed as he asked Anna, “Remind you of anyone honey?What say we all mosey over to the hot tub area and watch the fun.”In the short time it took Brad and his hosts to walk to the hot tub area Ashley had already found herself with a hard black cock inhabiting each of her holes, her hands pulling hungrily at two more.Anna motioned for Jonathan to come to her and told him he could feel free to join if Brad were to ask him to, as she looked expectantly toward Brad.Jonathan was flaccid as Brad knelt before the huge black man.He was a giant of a man, powerful appearing and never smiled.Brad took his black cock into his hand and realized why he didn’t care for sucking flaccid cocks.For some weird reason he felt completely homosexual as he began licking and sucking at his thick black dick.His huge presence intimidated Brad and instilled a feeling of the man’s dominance over him.He felt a sissy as his mouth brought Jonathan’s black dick to life so that he could also enjoy the feel of Brad’s wife’s warm inner flesh gripping his manly dick. It hadn’t bothered him sucking their hard dicks but to have to suck their dicks hard from a flaccid state gave him pause.It was as if he was sucking their dicks because he wanted to and they knew it and thought of him as a cocksucker.Even though HE knew he enjoyed sucking them he still wasn’t comfortable with anyone else knowing it.When they possessed raging hard cocks he was merely “Asking them to fuck her, to enable his wife to enjoy those hard cocks”, but to suck a man and instill a desire into his body when his wife wasn’t even present made him feel inherently gay.But his inhibitions didn’t deter him from wanting to see Jonathan buried to his large balls in his wife’s pussy.His head bobbed as his tongue adored his stiffening cock.As he sucked Jonathan’s cock he could feel it growing in his mouth, thickening greatly, lengthening by what seemed three or four times its original state.He heard Anna speak to her manservant as he fucked Brad’s mouth saying, “Feel free to cum whenever you feel like it tonight dear and tell the others to please not restrain in offering up their hot cum to our guests either.”“Thank you maam, I’m sure everyone will be glad to hear that, it’s been a while since they had that freedom.”Then Brad felt his large hands grip his head and begin fucking his now stiff dick into the back of his mouth.He used Brad’s mouth like he would a pussy, holding him as he fucked his dick deeper into his throat with each hard thrust of his hips.Brad choked and tried to pull his head away but Jonathan’s hands squeezed hard upon his head and the pressure felt like he could pop his skull like a pea if he desired.Brad had tears forming in his eyes and a fear in his mind as he was subjugated by this giant black man’s cock.He felt his throat stretched and his throat muscles convulsed as he tried to swallow which just allowed his dick to ram deeper as he moaned his love of Brad’s sucking.He withdrew to Brad’s mouth where his cocksucker couldn’t help but cough saliva over his dick and out his mouth to flow down his chin.Jonathan’s hands squeezed his head and his dick buried itself in Brad’s throat and he trembled once and then his glans swelled and an explosion of cum spewed from his throbbing tip to choke Brad and cause him to swallow quickly.Brad felt humiliated as he tasted black ball juice flooding his mouth until it was overflowing out around his cock as he was unable to swallow as fast as Jonathan’s big balls emptied themselves into his sucking mouth.Brads mind succumbed to his black master as he fucked his fat glans deep in his throat, until choking, the air in his lungs caused cum to fill his nasal cavity, burning his sensitive nasal passages.“Suck it bitch boy, get all that black nut.Show me how bad you want to see your beautiful wife cum on this dick while I make her crave to feel my balls gift her my black children.”Brad did, he sucked and licked every last vestige of his ball’s expulsion from him.Then Jonathan said lick dem balls cunt boy and when he did Brad moaned loudly as his own dick began exploding cum from his balls with nothing touching him.Anna laughed as she lowered herself quickly to her knees and bent and sucked Brad’s glans into her mouth and began literally sucking the remaining hot spurts from his balls.Her suctioning lips had him holding her head tightly as his mind seemed to melt and flow to his dick where Anna swallowed it eagerly.Al smiled and looked at Jonathan and said, “Damn I think he enjoyed you gifting him your babies to taste Jon, he’s a real cocksucker isn’t he?”Brad was humiliated at the whole experience but he knew that he enjoyed it and would gladly do it again.He had felt so helpless in Jonathan’s grasp but that same feeling aroused him beyond belief and as much as he’d try to deny it to others he enjoyed having him force his hot cum down his throat.His eyes found Ashley and she was staring at him but he wasn’t sure she was even aware of seeing him as she cum repeatedly.She had a wild feverish look in her eyes as if there was something unleashed within her that even she never knew dwelled in her body.Anyone could tell that her mind was incapable of sensible thought processes.Her mind and body could only respond to each new stimuli by hunching and writhing out of control.Her body was covered with perspiration, the light making her body appear to glisten.Seeing her tense and moan as black balls propelled their hot cum from long black cocks to cover her body in pearlescent white globs and streams had Brad moaning his excitement. His chest was heaving as he seemed to feel his wife’s excitement gripping her as she felt hot cum injected into her pussy, ass and forcefully shot into her throat.Anna lay down beside Ashley and spread her thighs and was quickly impaled and groaning as her hips began a rapid hunching as Herman’s dick began fucking quickly to her depths.As her arousement heightened Herman rolled her atop him and a long black dick found its way into her bowels.Al moved to her face and offered his wife his long skinny cock which she immediately sucked into her mouth and began sliding it into her throat. Al’s ass rolled and squeezed until a thin black guy knelt behind him and with a hand on Al’s shoulder placed his thick glans at the older man’s asshole and began pressing into him with a forceful steady pressure.Al groaned loudly and began pressing back into the guy’s pistoning dick saying, “Yeah that’s it take my ass, give it to me son, you know what I like, hit it hard”, as he obviously loved being ass fucked by the black man.Brad couldn’t believe the sight in front of him.He walked over by Al to watch the black cock stroking in his ass and the elderly man grabbed his dick and began sucking it like he needed its cum to survive.Brad couldn’t help but grab his head and begin hunching into his mouth as the sensations Al’s tongue caused as it ran slickly around his glans had him moaning.Brad saw a black man around 25 years old move behind him but he didn’t realize the man’s intentions until he felt his assshole being forced open and a hot throbbing registering against his gripping anus.The man wrapped his arms around him and held him close to his black body as he began slowly moving inside him.Brad glanced across at his wife and saw her being fucked in her pussy and ass while staring at him.Her eyes shone with a lustful excitement as she watched his body writhe between Al and the man fucking his asshole so sensually.Brad was becoming increasingly drawn under the spell of the arousement caused by the large black cock stretching his ass deeply and the wet sucking of Al’s talented mouth.Watching Ashley, seeing her arousement fogging her eyes had Brad moaning, body pressing first rearwards and then holding Al’s head as he pressed into his suctioning mouth.Seeing the black dick fucking her asshole made it seem he was feeling her pleasure as he felt his own ass being fucked so wonderfully.Their gazes locked as they seemed one person, the same feelings coursing through one as the other.They both felt such a love for each other as they realized they both loved their sexual awakening under the huge black cocks that pumped joy into both their bodies.They both yearned to be in the other’s arms but the sensations filling them both had them quickly approaching orgasm and when it happened they moaned together.Al sucked hungrily at his dick as he fed him his cum. As his butt squeezed while pressing another hot load into the suctioning heaven of the old man’s lips his black lover filled his ass with his own liquid release.Brad felt like the black ball juice pumping up his ass was being shot completely through his body to be expelled out his jerking cock as Al’s lips coaxed repeated blasts of seething lava like cum to explode into the hot cauldron of his mouth. Brad saw his wife’s orgasm, her headthrown back, mouth gaping but no sound flowing from her as he knew she was feeling both huge dicks pumping like fire hoses within her as they filled her with their own volcanic expulsions.Her body trembled, then began shaking with intensity as her moans began and kept increasing in shrillness until she screamed her pleasure as they fucked their black sperm into his wife so forcefully she felt ripping.“OH GOD YES!, aaarrrggghhHHHHHH……….yes…..yes……oh fuck you’re killing me……….fuck…me…….ohhhhhhhhhfuck……so fuckin big…..arghhhh……….hurt….oh fuck…..hurt it………..DOIT!........aaiiiiieeeeeEEEEEEEEEYESSSSSS…….oh god…cum……his..a.a.a.ass”, she screamed and moaned as she watched the black man fucking her husband begin holding him tightly as his hips thrust hard into Brad’s undulating asshole.Seeing her husband grinding his ass back into a spewing black dick, fucking Al’s mouth, the look on his face screaming of his enjoyment at a black cock filling him, had her own orgasms’ intensity increasing with each hot blast into her soul from either black man fucking her.All of Anna and Al’s manservants knew what was expected of them.This was a treat to them.Normally they had to use their cocks for the pleasure of their guests, many times not being allowed to cum until Anna or Al collected their hot sperm from them in some sexual manner.But this time they could cum whenever and wherever they felt like it.Having a beautiful woman like Ashley to unload their tight, full nuts into was an extreme pleasure, especially as her husband heard her acceptance of their large hot loads of black baby sperm.Ashley seemed insatiable as she lay with open thighs allowing any black cock that wished, to experience the hunger her white pussy had for its hot juicy loads of sperm.Brad could easily discern his wife’s inability to say no to any man with black skin that wished to pound her pussy full of his cum.His heart was heavy wondering just how her new addiction to black cock would affect their relationship.He lay beside her trying to remember what it had been that brought the slut out of her earlier today.He remembered “Hernie” fucking his beautiful, normally reserved wife like a common slut, basically in public and her obvious excitement at the feel of another man’s dick inside her. Earlier he had been the only man to know the feel of her pussy clenching his hard dick, the only man to have defiled her pussy with hot ball cum.Now as he lay watching her hips drive up forcefully into a black cock while begging him to fill her husband’s pussy with his cum, he had to wonder if that was true.Watching her as she held his smaller white dick in her fist as she ground her pussy into the black dick she seemed to crave he found it hard to believe he had satisfied the hunger she was exhibiting now, Or that she had really been faithful all those years.His love for her made him believe her just as she had to believe he had never dreamed he could sex another man before the excitement of the day freed them both from any inhibition or pride they had brought to the penthouse with them.Brad wanted to believe if he had known what was to transpire when they stepped into the elevator earlier that he wouldn’t have got in it.But as he watched his wife adoring a black cock with her lips and tongue, his dick pulsing as he remembered Jonathan fucking his own throat he knew he was lying to himself.He crawled to her and smiled at her as he placed his mouth on Marcus’s cock and began sucking him.Ashley felt her pussy fill with a hunger for cock as she sucked Marcus with her husband till his dick was flowing precum.“Hold it for me Brad, I have to have it me in baby.God that was so hot sucking black dick with you”, she said, as she positioned her pussy over the cock Brad held straight up for his wife to plunge her pussy down on.“Oh god baby, I could never get enough black cock now.Look how he fills my pussy honey…ohhhhhh..god….Marcus I love your dick baby”, she moaned lovingly.Brad felt so close to his wife as she touched him, steadied herself with her hand on his shoulder as she rose and fell on Marcus’s now moving dick.“Oh god Brad all these guys are so much bigger than you baby.Every time I cum I just need more and more honey.I can’t understand why I never felt like this when you fucked me baby. The more of his dick she pressed into her pussy the more desperate her hunching became as she rose and fell on his dick , her breathing becoming loud gasping sounds as she rammed onto his up thrusting black dick.Brad saw a heat in his wife’s eyes, a gleaming like she had flames dancing within her as her hand reached out and found Brad’s head and pulled it to her pussy as she leaned back on Marcus’s body saying, “Eat us honey, please baby, I need you to be a part of me enjoying other men’s big dicks.I need to know you still love me Brad after watching me with all these wonderful black men!”Brad knew what she was feeling, it was the reason he sucked men so that she could enjoy their huge dicks.He had wanted to be a part of her pleasure also. He crawled between Marcus’s spread thighs and lay down as his arms wrapped his wife’s thighs and began sucking and licking at her clit avidly.Her hands reached down and held her husband’s head as she pleaded, “Lick his dick baby, let me see you lick my juices off his cock as he fucks me. Fuck me Marcus, make me cum on your dick so Brad can suck it off.Oh my god Brad you’re…you’re making me…….ohfuck…suck me….oh damn baby!Oh baby, seeing you…arrghhhh…licking…aarrgghhh….another man’s aaiieeee…dick…ungh……w.w.while ……he’s…f.f.fucking….ohhhhhhhgod……aarrghhh pussy……c.c.cumming…….ohFUCK…..Oh shit Marcus……yes…yes……ohgod he’s hurting my pussy so good……lick us honey…….aarrggghhhhHHHHHH”Brad was boiling inside, his dick was jerking wildly.He needed to cum, he needed to fuck his wife but he watched as Marcus fucked his wife, saw his fat cock pistoning in her fitfully and then noticed his asshole.It appeared wet with cum oozing from it as his body moved as he buried his dick into Brads wife.Brad moved closer and pressed his white dick into Marcus’s asshole and began fucking him in earnest as his wife grunted and groaned as she ground her pussy into his black cock.Brad began rolling Ashley’s clit beneath his thumb as he roughly fucked Marcus’s ass.Marcus was moaning, his ass lifting to Brads cock but ramming Ashley’s pussy with each lifting of his hips.Brad needed his wife’s lips, needed to kiss her as his hands squeezed her tits as he fucked her black lover.He felt his balls lifting close to his body and when Marcus squeezed his ass hard down on Brads cock he exploded in his spunk filled asshole.Brad’s mind felt confused, torn.He wanted to hold someone, he thought he wished he could put his arms around his wife and hug her as he spewed deep into Marcus’s body but if she hadn’t been atop him he was sure he would have lain on his black body and held him close as his black ass squeezed and milked his cum from his white cock.God he thought, I may even kiss him I feel so close to him, NO!, NO!, his mind immediately rebelled.He threw himself backwards and lay there panting, trying to come to terms with his sexuality in his mind as Marcus rolled Ashley onto her stomach and began persecuting her pussy roughly.Being assfucked had him excited and wanting to cum.He fucked her deep, hard, ramming into her pussy as she cried out in pain but her ass was lifting into each hard thrust of his blackness.Brad watched his ass cheeks squeeze and his hips ram downwards forcefully as he yelled his pleasure.Brad found it hard to believe his semi-hard dick was again pulsing as he watched his wife’s white body pressing up into Marcus’ rough, grinding thrusts.Her hunger had her hips lifting her pussy so forcefully she lifted his black body while her hips gyrated, grinding into his black cock until he swelled within her.Her cries begged for him to fill her pussy as she bucked and hunched back into his volcanic like eruption expressing her need for what she was experiencing in not only her body but her mind.Anna and Al both began clapping and Al said, “Damn if I ain’t gonna have to start filming these two with our blacks baby.Well, its late, lets turn in and leave these lovers alone.Marcus before you go show them to their room.“Yes sir”, he replied quickly.For the first time since they got off the elevator Brad and Ashley were in each other’s arms.If there was any doubt of the condition of their marriage it was dispelled from them both as they kissed.Everything else was sex, but the passion in their kiss was love.Ashley lay with her head on his shoulder on the floor and sighed, “I love black dicks honey, god I hope I can still feel you after all that”.You’ll be fine after a few days at home Marcus assured her as he apologized for eavesdropping.“I want to thank you both for the wonderful day today.We all enjoyed your beautiful wife Brad and I also enjoyed you also, I am a kinda anal freak, Al’s responsible for that I guess.”, he said with sincerity in his voice.Ashley sat up with her arms wrapping her legs and asked, “Other than the obvious sexual benefits why do you guys stay here Marcus, don’t you feel like slaves being at their beck and call all the time”, Ashley asked him seriously?“Yeah, sometimes I guess, but we are paid to do it rather handsomely and the times they have guests like you two we all enjoy our jobs tremendously”, he replied“Not to be nosey but what are big wonderful black cocks worth today’, Ashley asked laughing and then added, “I’m sure not as much as the pleasure you imparted to me is worth”Marcus said, “Trust me you wouldn’t believe me if I told you”.“Really, I would think Anna and Al would pay reasonably well”, she replied, thinking he meant the pay was not very good.“Oh I didn’t mean they didn’t, just the opposite in fact.None of us would ever have a reason to leave this job until we can’t get it up anymore.By then we won’t have to worry about finances though.I probably shouldn’t say anything but I believe you can be trusted not to reveal this conversation so I’ll just say mid six figures.All the manservants are paid the same except Jonathan and he’s responsible for running the penthouse and the payroll and just about everything to do with this place so I can’t imagine what he earns.”, he says.Brad almost chokes as he realizes the guys fucking his wife and himself make almost as much as he does.Laughing, Brad asks, “What are the educational requirements to get a job here I might be interested for that kind of money.”Marcus thought he was being serious and answered, “Well most of the guys have degrees, some two or more and a few masters.Jonathan has a doctorate in business management.Just so you know, that big dumbass black bull act of his is just to turn on the guests, he is really a very gentle giant, very well-mannered, courteous and considerate of everyone’s feelings.Anna would never hire a thug type even though we’re trained to act the part for certain of her guests.They must have been impressed with you two.I have never known them to cancel a party at the last minute like they did today.Catherine seemed worried as hell also, I think she’s afraid her and her husband have fallen into disfavor because of them cancelling the party.The party is a real power trip for her as she usually gets to pick the couple for Anna and Al.I had better be quiet before I get myself fired for talking out of school.” Marcus showed them to their room and Ashley put her arms around him and kissed him very passionately for a very long time as Brad stood there feeling uncomfortable as his wife kissed him like she had only kissed him before.Brad could tell she wanted him, wanted him to enter the room with them.When they finally broke the kiss Brad said, “I’m ready for the hot tub baby, what about you?” She seemed torn.Her hand absent-mindedly fell to Marcus’ hardening dick and held him as she glanced at her husband with what appeared to be a silent pleading in her eyes for him to understand as her hand stroked his black cock slowly. “Maybe Marcus would like to join us baby”, she said with a nervousness borne of the throbbing at her clit.Marcus replied, “I would really like to Ashley but once we’re dismissed it is considered inappropriate for us to entertain a guest.I’m sure we will play again tomorrow if you’re not sore from today, if Brad permits it.”Ashley looks at her husband and says, “Oh Brad will permit it won’t you honey”, while letting his cock drop from her hand with a disappointed sigh escaping her lips.“Oh yes, anything to keep you happy sweetie”, he replied.“Well I guess I’ll say goodnight then”, Marcus says as he turns to leave, but Ashley’s hand grips his lingeringly, causing him to pause and smile before she finally allows him to leave.After Marcus walked away Brad looked at her and said, “You really love fucking those black guys don’t you babe.You’d have had him sleeping with us tonight wouldn’t you honey?”“Yes”, she replied wistfully. “I’d love to watch him fuck your ass while you fucked me Brad, or have him fuck my ass while I sucked you, or…….”. Brad cut her off mid- sentence laughing and saying, “I get the picture you little nympho now shut up before you get me hard again if that’s even humanly possible.They entered the “Room” which was more like a penthouse apartment in any building but this one.The hot tub would hold a dozen people and everything in each room was the most modern and most luxurious that could be had.The whole suite, which is what it actually would be called anywhere else appeared to be set up for any kind of sexual pleasure the occupants wished to enjoy.Ashley found a small remote looking device on the dresser in the bedroom and was gazing at its buttons as she tried to figure out how to turn the tv on.Then she realized there was no tv.She remarked to Brad that she found it funny there was no tv in the room.He bent and picked up what also appeared to be a remote and pressed the power button.There was a whirring sound and suddenly the wall became what appeared to be a large screen with a beautiful video of an ocean beach displayed with a menu in the center.Above the bed what seemed to be a projector was shining brightly.Clever, Brad remarked. “Then what is this”, she asked.She pressed a button labeled “Swing” and a fixture on the ceiling opened and what appeared to be one of those sex swings was lowered in the center of the room.She began pushing buttons and the swing rotated either left or right as she pressed the appropriate button.She also saw,国语自产偷拍精品视频偷蜜芽 Up, Down, Set Stroke and confusingly, “Piston”, which she pressed and watched as the swing began lifting and falling smoothly.A subset of buttons below Piston were labeled Rough, Smooth, Rotate and Combo.Rough had the swing lifting, almost jerking up and then seemingly allowed to free fall after rising around ten inches.She pressed Combo and nothing happened.Turning the remote over she found instructions saying to press combo and then any two of the other buttons in the subset.She pressed Combo, Rotate and Rough.The swing began rotating as it lifted and fell as before, turning 360 degrees as it rose and fell continuously. Her pussy was filling with moisture as she imagined the fun to be had with this swing.At the bottom of the remote was “Table” with a subset of Rise, Lower, Tilt and also Rotate.They were both amazed to see the carpeted floor open and a narrow table rise on what appeared to be a large hydraulic cylinder.It was obviously designed for a person’s body to lay upon it. Beneath it in small compartments were an assortment of various size black dildos that appeared to snap into a hole in the cushions at the lower back area of the table.The whole top of the table seemed to float horizontally in any direction for a foot or so. They were both intrigued but neither felt up to experimenting with it at that time.Ashley returned the swing and table to their respective hiding places and suggested they relax in the hot tub while wondering what other hidden treasures there were in the different rooms.Even the hot tub had strategically placed water jets that could easily evoke intense orgasms in Ashley’s body and did.There was even an apparatus on a hose that Brad placed his cock into and was soon bending, moaning as swirling water sucked at his hard dick and seemed to suck his cum from his balls.They both soon realized this was not the place to relax with the water jets marked “Intimate” turned on.They decided they both needed to be in the bed holding each other tightly while reflecting on the day’s events.“This is what I could never live without”, Ashley says as she snuggles close to her husband’s body and holds him.She feels safe, secure, loved, when they are together like this.All day as she felt her body being used, made to cum in ways she had never experienced before, she missed this feeling.She would readily admit her love of the way everyone that touched her made her feel sexually, instilling pleasure that was indescribable but this feeling she has with Brad is more fulfilling and satisfying than any sex could ever be. Besides, she thinks, if she can have both why deny herself the feel of those wonderful black men stretching her, filling her so deeply with their hot ball juice.They both drifted off to sleep as they wondered what new sexual discoveries would unfold in their lives at this penthouse. Ashley’s last words before slipping into an exhausted sleep were, “Damn what a wonderful way this is to assure your job is secure honey”.Chapter VI:Arianna’s Blackening!Doug is up early awaiting his friends arrival.Within minutes of his arising he sees them pulling in the driveway.Once he has them inside he tells them of his plan and then goes up to awaken Ari.He lies down and puts his arm around her and begin lightly kissing her lips while squeezing her ass cheeks and allowing his fingers to play over her skin.She pushes him away and yawns loudly as her arms stretch up to the ceiling before falling around his neck as she moans, “Good morning my big cocked brother”.Her lips find his and she kisses him displaying the same passionate hunger as she had yesterday.Her hand finds his dick and she squeezes it as if to make sure what they shared yesterday was real and his dick was that big.She pulled at him as she broke their kiss and asked, “Will you think me a nympho slut if I ask you to fuck me right now brother?”Doug rolled her over till she lay atop him her legs lying astraddle his.He opened his thighs and said, “You want to fuck before breakfast?”“You can be my breakfast”, she replied as her lips again found his.She didn’t see him motion for Derrick to come join them.Doug held her head as they kissed and Derrick eased onto the bed between their thighs and began pressing his hard black cock into her pussy.Mmmmmmm she moaned as she thought it was Doug entering her pussy.Her hips began moving, gyrating around the hardness at her center as it entered her deeper and deeper.Breaking their kiss she moaned, “God I love your dick Doug”, as she began hunching, hips holding her pussy to the swollen invader entering her.Doug gazed in her lust filled eyes and asked her, “You still want to fuck my black friends Ari?” He began huching his now hard dick against her groin and suddenly it dawned on her that it wasn’t her brother fucking her.“Oh my god Doug who’s fucking me?Its not….oh my god….it is……oh god I’ve got a black guy fucking me don’t I?”Ari was instantaneously ablaze with a hunger that had festered inside her since the first time she had seen Johnny’s hard dick.Every sensation in her pussy became magnified as her arousement grew more intense with each driving thrust of his black dick.Derrick had just pressed his black balls against her clit when she exploded.Her entire body tensed, then as she realized she was cumming on a black cock her moans became loud and her body trembled as she begged, “Fuck me…ohgod your dick feels so fucking huge……doit…fuck me hard…..ohfuckyeah….like that…..YES!......oh god please don’t stop……oh god Doug….he’s so good…..c.c..can’t….s.s.stop cummin.”Her hips wriggled forcefully each time her spams relaxed, but the next hard thrust of his cock again had her holding her pussy back to his rapid pounding screaming, “FUCK ME…..OHGOD…fuck me with your black dick….oh my god it’s so hard, so fuckin huge…aaarrgghhhhHHHHHHH……..oh shit Doug he’s rippin my fuckin pussy……fuckme!.....don’t stop…hurt….me…..aaaiiieeeEEEEEEE.”Derrick was leaning over her back, his weight on his outstretched arms when suddenly his body fell on hers and he began roughly fucking his black dick as deeply as possible into Ari’s pussy.“OH GOD…he’s gonna cum in my white pussy…..YES…oh fuck I’ve wanted this so long…….cum….CUM…oh fuck please cum….oh damn I need it so bad…fuck it hard…gimme your cum…goddamn it give me that nigger cum…AAArrRRGHHHHHHHHHFUCKIT…….oh god I feel it…….fuck Doug he’s cumming….aaiiiEEEEEEDon’t stop………oh god I’m cumming so good…….oh god Doug his cum is so fuckin hot.Doug had crawled from under her body and was sitting on the edge of the bed stroking his dick.God she loves his dick he was thinking as he watched his sister be dominated by his friend’s cock.Ari was out-of-control, screaming, hunching back into his dick explosively, ramming into his deepest, hardest thrusts like a woman possessed.Doug felt his cum about to explode from his balls and he placed his dick at his sister’s mouth and her head moved quickly to engulf his fat glans and began sucking him almost viciously.She craved cum, her tongue flailed his cock, head bobbing as she attempted to force him down her throat, her moans gurgling in her throat as the hunger she felt expressed itself.She began sucking hard on just his glans and he heard Derrick’s moans and groans and felt his own cum explode from his tip as he held his sister’s head roughly to his spewing cock.They all moaned and groaned as time stood still while their bodies tensed repeatedly.Derrick tensed, stabbing Ari’s pussy as his hot cum splayed forcefully into her deepest depths.Ari tensed as she felt Derricks cum seem to be pressed all the way up into her throat and coughed out desperately around her brother’s cock as he choked her deeply with it.Doug tensed as his sister sucked his cum forcefully from his balls.She felt she could die as they forced their cum in her from both ends of her body.The heat from their cum spread through her until it felt as if her entire body was aflame as she gagged, unable to breathe, she didn’t care, all that mattered for those moments was the womanly feeling these two cocks instilled in her as they spew repeatedly.Then just as she thought her life was ended Doug backed his throbbing dick to her mouth allowing her to cough and clear her airway as she undulated on the black dick still jerking strongly inside her.It seemed an eternity of hard stabbing thrusts before Derricks ardor began to wane and his body relaxed upon her’s.Rolling from her body Derrick moaned and said, “Nice to meet you Ari”, as he chuckled.The three of them lay there panting, chests heaving as Doug asked Ari, “Well sis you like Derricks black dick?”“Oh my god Doug, YES!, I love his wonderful black dick”, she exclaimed as her hand slowly held and stroked his cum coated dick while she gazed at its blackness.“Thank you Doug for making my dream come true, and thank you for fucking me so good with your black dick Derrick.I hope you plan on using that black monster some more with me today because I know I need it!”, Ari said almost gratefully.“Why don’t you jump in the shower sis and me and Derrick will go fix us some breakfast!” Doug said to her.“Yeah I need one from all the fucking we been doing, I’ll be right down as soon as I scrub up a little”, Ari said as she stretched showing off her perfect body before turning and entering her adjoining bath.Doug and Derrick smiled at each other and waited.It only took seconds before Ari screamed, Oh my god! And then ohhhhhhhhfucck…….oh shit yes……oh damn…….fuck me! fucking big and hardOh god I love my brother so fucking much….ohhhh…ohhh ….god you’re ripping my pussy so deep….no, no…god no don’t stop….fuck me…..THERE…shit yes right there….aaaarrrgghhhhhhYYEESSS.Marvin picked Ari up and walked with her bouncing on his hard black cock back into the bedroom and lay down on the bed with her screaming how bad her pussy hurt and in the next cry shouting for him to fuck her hard.Ari was atop him fucking her pussy down onto his dick crazily, hunching wildly as she screamed how big Marvin’s black dick was.Watching her had Doug and Derrick’s cocks jerking with need.Derrick moved behind her and Doug handed him a bottle of astroglide and watched as he coated his cock until it gleamed with wetness.Then he began pressing his fingers into Ari’s ass coating her anus muscle liberally before handing the bottle back to Doug and begins to press his dick up her tight ass.Ari screamed as he penetrated her, forcing her sensitive ring of nerves to open widely as it engulfed his fat dick.Her hand reached back to try and press him out of her body but he persisted in forcing half his black dick into her ass before stopping.Ashley felt her asshole ripping, stretching and burning as Derrick entered her.Then as he stopped Marvin began fucking her smoothly, rapidly without hurting her deeply and soon she was hunching her clit against Marvin’s body and the hard invader of her ass began coaxing streams of pleasure to join the pleasure her mashed clit instilled in her mind.Sensing her need Derrick began stroking slowly and Ari began moaning with the knowledge she had two hung black guys fucking her simultaneously.She felt so slutty knowing how much she loved having their black cocks in her body.What had seemed so taboo all these years now felt so right, so good, so deep.Gazing down into Marvin’s face as he fucked up into her white body she knew he knew she loved fucking his black cock, knew by the wetness inside her how much she truly loved having a black man inside her white body.The sensations they instilled drew her so close to these men, each time she tensed in a new orgasm she lowered her face and kissed him as her pussy ground down into his hurtful length while he ground up into her forcefully.“I think your sister is coming closer to being a black cock slut every time these nigga dicks make her cum Doug my man”, Derrick says while gazing into Ari’s eyes”.“Wrong, I became a black cock slut when Derrick filled my pussy with his black babies, I just felt so damned slutty when his cock began spewing his hot juice inside me knowing it’s a black guy violating me.Its so different with a black cock than a white one.Doug is huge but the feeling’s not the same mentally, its sorta like Doug has his own taboo feeling because he’s my brother and you guys have your own intense way of making me cum.I’ve never felt that way with any white guys and Ijust don’t even think they turn me any more now.Oh my god….oh god yes..right there…..oh god I’m…I’m..ohhhhhhhhhh damn Doug……..arrghh thank you so much big brother………..Shit…shit…..oh my fuckin god I love black cocks….AAAIIIIEEEEEEE DOITHARD!....YES…..YES…ughhh…….unghhHHH……….cum……….needit…!Doug watched his sister cum repeatedly as his friends both fucked her using long vicious strokes of their dicks.Her head flailed wildly as if she was trying to shake the madness they instilled in her body from her mind.Seeing that she couldn’t escape their hard dicks she seemed driven to make them cum to rid herself of the insanity of pleasure she was permeated by as they fucked their black cocks into her soul, addicting her to the frenzied hunger their dicks caused to overwhelm her mind and drive her actions.When they finally filled her, the scream from her lips could probably be heard down the block as her body shook violently, intensely until she slumped between them exhausted.They both extracted their bloated cocks from her pussy as she grabbed them both saying, “My god where does all these dicks go inside me, they’re so fucking huge.Look at all the cum running out of me Doug, my god have you guys been saving up for a month to fill me up.Then she lay back and moaned as her thighs squeezed together and she said, “Oh my god how could I possibly want more of these black dicks, I must really be addicted, and then laughed loudly.”“Tell you what sis, why don’t you and I go fix breakfast and these two can take a quick shower and then join us.You guys hungry”, he asked them as he winked?“Yeah, I’m starving for some more of your sis’s pussy man, but I guess I should put some fuel in the tank so I can show her a black man’s stamina”, Marvin said laughing.Doug took Ari’s hand and started for the door as he asked her, “Well sis are you glad I brought them down here for you?”“Oh my god yes Doug.I’ve already decided I’m gonna go to school with you guys.But you have to promise to make me study because I could get all wrapped up in just fucking these guys 24/7, and that’s not even thinking of how much I’ll be fucking you.You are still going to fuck me after watching me go crazy on their black cocks aren’t you, I mean you don’t think bad of me do you?”Doug stopped and took her in his arms and kissed her.He knew she was as lost to their kiss as he was.He had never experienced such a depth of passion as he does each time her lips meet his.The love he feels for Ari could never be equaled he knew.Sharing their love with each other is the utmost showing of trust between two people.It pains them both that they can only share that trust with those that enter their bed. “Ari, I will always love you no matter who you fuck, of that you should never doubt in the slightest!”, he told her sincerely. Again they kissed and were again swept away to a place where only they existed.Breaking their kiss Ari lay her head on Doug’s chest and squeezed him tightly and said, “I love you so much Doug, I can only hope to someday find a man that I can love like I love you right now.Doug smiled and said, “Well until you do, you have plenty of hard cocks you can focus some of that love on, including and especially mine!”.Ari smiled and said, “C’mon we better make some food before I have to feel one of you guys in me again.I believe this is gonna be a long day brother.”They entered the kitchen and as she bent looking for a skillet in a cabinet she saw the streams of cum running down her thighs and commented on it to her brother who said, “Here I’ll wipe it off for you sweetie”. Ashley didn’t think anything when she felt a hand press between her thighs with a rag and began wiping at her inner thighs.She really didn’t think anything when she felt a dick entering her sloppy pussy.She knew it was Doug.But when she looked down and saw the Black Hand pressing between her thighs and beginning to rub her clit as the cock opened her widely all she could do is grip the edge of the counter-top and moan her pleasure.“Ari, I’d like you to meet my friend David”, Doug said as she began a slide into a place she had recently visited often.“Oh god Doug this one is so much fucking bigger….oh my freaking god……oh god Doug…too big…oh fuck I can’t take it……..ohhhhhh fuck I love it… fat…..oh yes……fuck I feel so full…..oh god I’m c.c.cummin already…..fuck me….oh fuck he’s killing my pussy…….doit…pleasedon’t stop…..arrgghhhhhhgoddamn you Doug…….oh fuck……oh god I can’t………oh fuck……gimme that dick….big…black unghh….dick.”, Ari cried. David’s dick was fat, hugely fat and stretched Ari’s pussy like it had never been opened before. He kept rubbing her clit as he fucked his ebony dick deeper and deeper into her mind as well as her body.Her hips couldn’t be stilled as she fucked back into his hurtful black cock.She felt his dick opening her as her pussy gyrated around him as her desperation to have him fully in her became overwhelming.He was so huge, so fat and wonderful.Every small movement of his dick or her pussy sent streams of pleasure roiling throughout her existence.Her mind felt overwhelmed as he subjugated her completely with his black dick.Each time her cunt squeezed him her clit swelled and as his fingers lightly rolled it she moaned as she felt a weakness flowing through her, a submission to his every desire.“Yeah baby sis, fuck dat white pussy back into my big dick.Tell your brother how much you like being a black man’s cock slut”, then to Doug he says, “You like watching your baby sis cum on black dicks don’t you man, don’t try to lie about it cause dat hard dick tells all dere is to know.”“I do like it Doug, I love feeling hot black dicks fucking me and it really turns me on knowing you like seeing me do it.Oh damn David….you’re so damn huge………I’m gonna cum again….fuck me hard…..oh god doit….pleaee doit…….aarrrhgghhhhaaaiiieeeEEEEEEEEE…….ohhhhhh………ohmygod……YES don’t stop….aaiieeEEEEEEEEE……..I love it…ohhhhhh..god..I… your black cock………fucking me!PLEASE tell me you’ll fuck me all day………..oh my god Dave….getting bigger…..ohhhhfuck….ohshit…hurtsOh god its swelling so big….CUM….CUM IN ME!.......OHFUCKYEAH….aarrgghhhHHHHHHHh…killing me….aieeEEEE…..oh god its burning my pussy so deep….so much…….fuck me…fuckmeeee……..oh god he just keeps cummin……aaiiiiiEEEEEEEEEE…so far in my pussy……..yesssSSSSSSSSSSS….ahhhhhaaarrgghhhH Oh fuck I love you…love your black fat cock cummin in my pussy…aarrggHhhhHHHDavid drained his balls in Ari’s pussy and then lowered her to the table top face down with her ass at the edge.She lay there gasping for breath while saying, oh damn, it feels like a piece of me is missing without his dick in me.God my pussy feels so gaped.When she feels another hard dick pressed into her she’s sure it’s her brother’s and she cries, “Oh god Doug, fuck me”.Doug smiles as he says, “Ari I want you to meet Gilbert, another black friend of mine.Oh yeah, his dick is bigger than David’s” Doug’s dick is aching he wants to fuck his baby sis so badly but he wants all five of his friends to fill her first.Gilbert holds Ari’s hips as he begins stroking into her pussy as she says, “Damn Doug, he feels so hot inside me, so good…..oh yeah……oh my god are all black guys this fuckin big…….I want to have them all fuck me if they are….ohhhhhhhhh……..ohhhhhhhHHHHH……..Oh shit I love this so much……just one big black cock after another………fuck me Gilbert… me how big dicked nigga’s fuck a white pussy Make it good baby…give it to me like you know I need it”.“Watch your tongue girl, you don know what you doin calling a brother a nigga.You might get more than you can handle.”Ari had already found out how much she loved feeling her pussy tortured by black cock so she taunted him, “Just like a nigga to make excuses for his lame ass dick, I need a white guy to fuck me I guess.Gilbert knew what she wanted, knew she was just messing with him to have him fuck her hard but he played along.He liked to fuck white women hard and rough and having her brother watch him subjugate her bitch pussy with his black dick would be extra thrilling.“I tole ya to watch your tongue little gal, now you gonna get fucked nigga style!”He grabbed her hips and began roughly fucking his huge cock into her pussy.Ari hadn’t realized just how much bigger he was than any of the blacks she had fucked so far.Not only was he larger in girth but in length also.With his first hard ramming into her depths she began screaming and trying to claw her way across the table to escape him.He held her firm to his fucking of her pussy though and she cried, tears running from her eyes as he persecuted her deeply.She was sobbing, crying out how he was killing her.Doug couldn’t stand the sight of her being hurt and he told Gilbert to take it easy.Hearing her brother tell Gilbert to take it easy she screamed, “NO, No don’t stop him, I love it Doug, fuck me Gil, hurt my pussy, oh god he was fucking me so good….he fucked me like I always dreamed a black guy would.Gilbert persecuted Doug’s sister’s pussy with his dick until she was completely lost, screaming, reaching back to pull him in tighter even as tears rolled down her cheeks in rivers.She couldn’t get enough of his black dick as she professed her love of him and all the rest of them.When Gil finally let loose his huge load of lava like cum while fully embedded in her pussy Ari began pulling her hair and screaming, hands in fists beating the table top as she held her pussy to his deepest thrust as he spewed hotly repeatedly, against her walls.Each time he backed off an inch and then rammed another hot load into her pussy she’d moan and beg him not to stop.When he withdrew his dick a flood of cum ran from her to puddle on the floor beneath.She slumped and was about to slide from the table when a large black man caught her and lifted her to the table top on her back.He was tall and his gargantuan cock was at a level with her cum filled cunt.He smile at her as he pressed his dick into her entrance while saying, “Just one more nigga to drain beautiful then we can start all over.”Ari watched as he began pressing into her, saw his coal black body and his thick girth.It looked like a small tree trunk and filled her with a fear of him being inside her.Her breathing was deep, hurried as she felt him entering her.Shit he feels good she thought.She felt her mind again falling into the abyss of pleasure their black dicks kept her wallowing in.“Oh my god Doug, I love you so much brother.You have made my dreams come true today….ohhhfuck here I go again…….doit…..ohgoddamn you’re so big, so wonderfully huge…..Don’t wait….I want you to fuck your big cock into me and cum quick before I pass out……oh fuck I love this…….yes…yes…..don’t stop……all of it…I need it all…..aiiieeEEEee god you’re tearing my pussy up so good……oh damn I hope there ain’t no more black guys here cause I can’t take nothing bigger than this…….ohhhhHHHHHHGODDYES……FUCKME!!.......gimmee your dick…all of it!...........Oh god doug they just keep making me cum…..aiiieeeeEEEEEEEEEE.After he finished terrorizing Ari’s pussy and had left the largest hot load of cum yet inside her he lifted her to him and with her weight forcing her pussy down on his elephant sized cock he kissed her warmly and thanked her for allowing him to cum in such a beautiful woman.Then as an afterthought he said, “By the way I’m known as Big Rob”Even after all she had done she blushed with his compliment and began to thank him but stopped and gazed around and then thanked all of them for making her dream cum true in such a fantastic manner and said she hoped to spend the rest of the day getting to know their cocks even more intimately.Big Rob carried her up to their parent’s bedroom and lay her on the bed and extricated his cock from the tight confines of her pussy and said, “I think it’s time for us to get to see Ari’s reaction to her brother fucking that tight pussy.Doug was ready, his dick had been aching for hours it seemed.He still didn’t want to just fuck his sister, he felt more about her than just a piece of ass.He lay down with her and pushed her hair from her face, picking the strands that stuck to her forehead from perspiration with his fingers and then while holding her chin he kissed her lightly.The love they felt for each other immediately flooded their bodies and their emotions swept their minds into a vortex of passion.Their kiss was deep, meaningful and caused their breathing to quicken as their hearts began pounding in their chests.Doug could never just fuck his sister, he loved her too much now.His hands roamed her body lightly as she began to writhe beneath them.His lips moved to her earlobe where he kissed, nibbled at it as he whispered he loved her.The scent of her hair was intoxicating and the skin of her throat soft as he gently sucked at her there.The perspiration upon her skin left a salty taste in his mouth.He savored it as his lips trailed over her shoulders, biting, kissing, and licking at her wetly.Her chest was heaving, barely audible sighs escaping her lips as her hands held him to her body.Knowing it was Doug’s mouth upon her had her in a state of intense arousement. Seeing black men stroking their erect dicks as they watched her and her brother make love added to that arousement so deeply she had to close her eyes to keep from orgasming already.She felt her brother’s tongue making light teasing circles around each of her breasts, his breath wafting over her erect nipples like a soft touch.Her chest thrust up to his kisses, the yearning in her swollen nipples becoming an ache that begged to be touched.His tongue tip laved gently around her aureole, teasingly close but never touching the ache in her nipples.First one breast and then the other until only her pride kept her from begging him to suck her nipples hard, to pinch them, anything to quell the need she felt there.But he left them yearning as her upper body twisted and turned, his mouth teasing lower and lower until his tongue ran slowly across her protruding rib cage, licked at her stomach wetly as her moans filled the air.Her pussy was filling with her love of her brothers teasing and it gaped and clenched as if screaming for him to be in her there.Her clit begged to be touched as it swelled, pulsed to the beat of her heart.Doug’s tongue continued to lick at her stomach, his tongue flatly upon her skin as his tongue laved from just above her clit upwards to her ribcage, again and again until her whole stomach was covered with his saliva and the air made it cold upon her inflamed skin.Their gazes locked and he saw her silent plea for release displayed in her eyes, biting her lip with the need her brother instilled in her body.As she watched, his tongue slid along the valley of groin and thigh until it was directly above her clit, then he sucked hard on the skin there as her hips lifted and her hands attempted to press his mouth lower to the throbbing she felt.Instead he repeated his slow licking on the other side, again sucking at the skin around her now visible orb of need.He watched it pulse, swelling and receding with each light touch of his tongue or lips upon her skin.He slid down between her thighs and opened them widely as he gazed at her beautiful body writhing.He knew she felt exposed, vulnerable, pussy undulating with her need.Then she remembered the others present and seeing their black dicks hard, jerking, precum streaming from them as they craved her pussy again sent such intense thrills racing from her mound that her thighs closed quickly against her brother’s body and she moaned loudly.Doug spread her thighs again and saw her pussy gaping, clenching, as her hips had her mound undulating, hunching into an imaginary cock as her body and mind craved to be fucked hard.She felt desired, special, knowing every man including her own brother wanted to take her roughly, to pound their hot ball loads deep inside her.Doug’s teasing had her mind and body inflamed, she wanted all of them to fuck her, to gang rape her, make her scream as they relieved the torment her brother has instilled in her body and mind. It was all she could do to keep from screaming, begging them all to fuck her, to stretch her pussy deeply with their dicks, and then flood her hotly with their pent up need of her pussy.She especially needed Doug her brother to gift her his babies against her deepest walls as she tensed her release repeatedly as the love they share unites them as one.“Man, thats some hot shit watching Dougie boy turn her on knowing its his baby sister, Damn!”, Derrick exclaimed.“Yeah, think what it will be like watching him nail his mom.That woman is fucking HOT, HOT, HOT.Wonder if he will really talk her into it”, Big Rob asked?“If he does I’m gonna tear that white woman’s ass up.I’ll have dat bitch screaming my name.His mom is fuckin model material and he says he thinks she plays with dat pussy thinking bout some black dude with a dick as big as his own.Yeah I hope she decides to try her boys dick, that ass and pussy will be right here wit us if she do, my men.You know Dougie will turn her ass out to us if she fucks him just like he did Ari”, Marvin chimed in.“You really think it was Doug’s idea for Ari to fuck us man?That girl is one black cock hungry slut.Doug didn’t do that, she already had that hunger before any of us touched her.She wants these black cocks my man and she would have had em even without Doug’s help.That wasn’t a show she put on for nobody she fucked us every one like a woman possessed because she wanted dese dicks”, David added.“All I got to say is I hope her mom loves to have that pussy pounded as roughly as her baby girl daughter does. I thought she was gonna break my damn dick hunching into it so fuckin hard.That girl may be small but she damn sure all woman.We’re gonna have to make this gal number one in the Mandingo Hall of Shame cause she is the biggest most intense black cock slut we ever nailed in my book”, Gilbert intoned, as he pointed to Ari’s writhing body.Doug’s mouth found her thigh and began a slow mouthing, sucking, biting and licking slowly down her soft inner thighs until his breath flowed over her mound instilling an even greater craving as her eyes silently pleaded for him to fuck her.His mouth repeated its slow trip over her soft skin on the other thigh as Ari’s moans became soft cries and her body twisted in a craving agony.He licked alongside his sister’s mound, his tongue grazing her labia but never pressuring them, first one side then the other as he sucked hard at the skin beside her clit each time his mouth neared its visibly pulsing ache.Her hips lifted as her clit screamed to be sucked hard as the skin near it was.He knew she was in a personal agony as her clit grew tauter with each hard throb of her heart as it craved the pressure of his touch.He placed his hands beneath her knees and rolled her pussy up where she could watch her brother teasing her pussy.But her pussy was not his objective as she found out as she felt his tongue sliding along her ass crack.Her ass was a sloppy mess of black men’s cum but that didn’t deter his tongue from entering her soaked crevice and begin laving slickly over her anus.Ari’s mind was afire as she felt Doug licking strongly over her sensitive ringed muscle.The sloppy feel of his licking imparted an exquisite slutty feel of its own.It made her feel so depraved as he sucked and licked her anus, tongue tip probing shallowly as she couldn’t help but press into his pressured probing.Her asshole was already gaped and open from the assfucking she received earlier and feeling his tongue licking around inside her avidly, instilled a need to be entered deeply there again.He slid two fingers into her ass and began fucking her with them as she moaned and pressed into them with force.His own need became an intense ache and though he hadn’t planned on it he couldn’t prevent rising and placing his dick at her anus and forcing into her depths.Arrrgggghhhhhh she cried as her hips lifted to his downward thrust.“Oh god Doug, fuckit, oh damn that feels so good baby.I needed you in me so badly.” Doug knew he wouldn’t last long.He had been hard since Derrick had first entered his sister’s ass.Ari’s ass was slick with black ball cum and his dick slid easily deep inside her even with his thick girth.“Cum in my ass Doug, doit baby..I know you need it, don’t hold back, give it to me……oh god..ohgod…I’m cumming…..ohfuck……i..d.d.din’t know it was….aiiieeeeEEEEE…….fuckme hard brother…….oh shittttt…….ohfuck I love you fuckin my ass….aarrghhhHHHHHH”.And Doug did, he rammed his cock into her colon and blew his mind into her bucking asshole soon after her own violent release.Withdrawing from her ass he fell to her pussy and began pressing his tongue deep inside her still clenching pussy.He knew the slick emissions coating and engulfing his flailing tongue was his friends cum and his sister’s cum but he didn’t care, he couldn’t care as all he could think of was pleasing his sister.If he could have he would have stuck his entire head within her to suck and lick within her.It was this need to become one with Ari that had his tongue gathering the black ball juice her own wet release flushed from deep inside her.He was excited and nothing deterred him from providing her pleasure.Ari’s mind was aghast at the eagerness Doug showed to suck her well fucked and filled pussy after all the black men had fucked her and left their large ball loads inside her deeply.Knowing he loved her that much had her mind melting as she felt him sliding around inside her gaped pussy, tongue engulfed in the expression of all their pleasure.She couldn’t stop cumming, couldn’t stop her orgasms from washing their cum from deep inside her to be licked and sucked from her by her brother’s excited mouthing.Doug drank of her like a thirst crazed man drinking from an oasis.Ari would have thought this to be an act of a depraved person before today but as her brother enjoys her river of pleasure she feels it is nothing more than a display of the love he holds for her and returns that love by tensing her joy repeatedly.A couple of the guys decided to go out and grab a few buckets of KFC chicken and sides and said when they returned everyone could take a break before continuing to initiate Ari with their large black cocks.To be continued!


老奶奶在不久前参加了PAX East 2022的小组讨论活动,问答环节中她被问到如果B社总监Todd Howard参与这次活动,会对他说什么。老奶奶表示:“‘就嗨’打个招呼这样?不白丝小舞被啪到娇喘不停,我会直接向他要游戏,让他快点把《上古卷轴6》做出来。”


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